Meeting Room Details

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服務式辦公室 紅磡 祥祺中心

For businesses and clients that have already settled in our coworking places, our spaces come equipped with meeting rooms that can serve as an extended office for your use, so that you always have the flexibility to increase the meeting capacity of your workplace.

Event Space Details

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A wide range of our coworking spaces are more than capable of hosting events with many people in attendance. Seminars, workshops, networking events and more have been successfully run across a number of our coworking spaces, with our staff present and ready to assist you regarding hosting.

Shooting Space Details

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Our spaces have also been proven to be an ideal environment for companies and independent filmmakers to use as a focal point for video shooting projects, commercial or otherwise. We are able to provide spaces which cater to a diverse range of projects which come in all different sizes and scales of production.

Virtual Office Details

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合作工作空間HK 虛擬辦公室

Setting up a virtual office gives your business a specific address and a telephone number but without the hassle of maintaining a full-time office space. People who are running home-based businesses can project professionalism through a virtual office. At WorkTech, we understand how important it is to establish an impressive reputation to customers in the achievement of business success. Our virtual office solution comes with a mail and call handling service.

Business Service Details

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coworking space香港 | 服務式辦公室 | 合作工作空間香港

Company incorporation in Hong Kong comes with a wide range of benefits including being a part of a world-class legal system, an unrestricted scope of business and easy flow of finances.


The process of business registration in Hong Kong can be a complicated and confusing affair – there are several loose ends and components to consider. Ignoring even the slightest detail when setting up a company could limit the potential of a business venture’s growth that would otherwise prove to be prosperous for company owners. Therefore, it is essential that a high standard of attention to detail is applied when registering a company, regardless of the scale of business.


WorkTech’s deep and thorough knowledge of this process means that you can play it safe and leave the hard work to us – allowing you to focus on growing your business.